What’s Free Food by Angela?

Free food is food that serves you, freeing you from unhealthy food habits that undermine your health, prevent you from losing weight, sleeping well, or feeling as energetic as you could. It’s dairy-free, egg-free (yes, often vegan!), refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free (yes, often paleo!), or wheat-free. But it’s never free of flavor!

I started cooking with Gram when I was 6. When I discovered my food allergies over 20 years ago, Gram’s original recipes inspired me to recreate the most delicious food I’ve known – hers. Now, free food recipes are all I create. My free food must taste as good as Gram’s, or the recipe isn’t done. Healthy doesn’t exclude delicious!

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5 Signs You’re in a Food Fight

Food Fiiiiiight! Ease back mashed potatoes, I’m not talking about you. You may be in an internal battle with food and not even know it. Could your food be hurting you? Is it dairy? Wheat? Gluten? Watch my video for these 5 signs!