No Wheat and Dairy for this Italian

I’m Angela Marinelli by the way…

In 1995 I discovered my food allergies, shifted my diet 180 degrees, lost 100 lbs, and learned to cook with new foods. (Download my ebook to read more about it). I transformed my favorite foods that I couldn’t eat any longer into healthier meals that taste great and are easy to prepare.

Don’t think it’s possible? I make it my mission. And I love it.

Learning to Cook from Gram

Gram making scrippelles, an Italian crepe filled with Pecorino Romano cheese, served in homemade chicken broth. A staple when I was sick as a kid!

I can’t take full credit. Most of what I know came straight from my Italian Grandmother.

At about 6 years old, I started cooking with Gram. For years I followed her around in the kitchen, mimicked what she did, took in every instruction. I learned to do “how we do.” That’s a good thing in an Italian family.

When I discovered my allergies to wheat, eggs, and cow’s milk utter devastation fell upon me. How could I keep my Italian name, rights to my heritage, my birthright, my family’s respect, if I couldn’t eat the basic building blocks of the Italian diet: bread, pasta, cheese???

How Gram Inspires my Free Food

I refused to give up any of those things, mostly the unprecedented food. I mean really, is there any better food than Italian food? (The right answer is, “Hell, no. Are you simple?”)

The change forced me to learn to cook with new foods and methods from different cultures. Very motivated by my taste buds, I integrated what Gram taught me with these new foods and methods with one goal: to make food as good as Gram’s.

Lofty, yes. But success is no straight line. Many dead soldiers that didn’t make the cut got tossed in the trash. Their sacrifice paved the way for food Gram and my family approves. We sit at the table, taste my creations, and I get feedback. Honest feedback. That’s how I create dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and grain-free food that anyone would love to eat.

What’s Free Food by Angela?

Turkey SDT Pesto Meatballs in Marinara: Dairy, Egg, and Grain-free

When I say free food, I mean food that is free of some of the most common irritants to many of our systems. Foods like cow’s milk, wheat, gluten, refined sugar, and even eggs for some people cause a number of undesirable responses from weight gain to skin rashes to digestive distress to leaky gut. In my experience, eliminating those foods from the system is a critical step in healing the digestive tract.

But one thing is for sure, just because we are giving up certain ingredients in my free food, we never sacrifice flavor. With free food, you  feel stronger, increase your energy, eliminate troublesome digestive symptoms, and feel satisfied. So, grab a seat at the table and join me!

Formal Training

While no training can compete with my time at “The School of Gram,” studies that began as a young girl, lucky me, I’ve benefited from the knowledge of many talented mentors.

  • Esoffier International Culinary Academy, 2013
  • Wilmington University, M.Ed., 2011
  • Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health, Core Program Completion, 2008
  • Clayton College of Natural Health, M.S. Holistic Nutrition, 2007
  • Macrobiotic Cook Training, 2002
  • Boston College, B.A. English, Concentrations in Marketing Communications and Theater 1994
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