The Best Food I Ate in Boston


My Fabulous Food Finds in Boston

I traveled to Boston last week for a couple of conferences. My husband joined me and we spent a fabulous, tasty, fun-in-the-sun weekend together. Two and a half days of adventures and food finds that I never expected. I love surprises like that! Here are the highlights of the best food in Boston I found:

Terramia Ristorante, the North End

98 Salem Street,  North End, Boston, MA

I love Boston’s North End. Even though I always eat in that section every time I go up, it never gets old. Ever. But now, I’m gluten-free. I wasn’t sure what the North End would serve up for me.

Much to my delight, a number of North End restaurants came right up on Google. Terramia’s menu called to me…the bolognese, the veal chop, risotto of the day – with gluten-free pasta available. Done!

The gluten-free pasta options were penne and spaghetti. I chose spaghetti for my short rib, veal, and brisket bolognese. No calorie counting here. Just enjoying a family favorite I usually can’t get out. And what a treat.

The flavors, so rich and deep, just like a bolognese should be. It tasted like it had slow cooked for hours. And my pasta? Delicious. My husband happily finished it after destroying his porcini crusted veal chop cooked to perfection, topped with a mushroom demi glace. I’m drooling as I relive eating it. With a Barbera from Piedmont. Does it get any better?

A true taste of heaven that I usually can only get at home. Thank you Terramia for some of the best food in Boston!

Russell House Tavern

14 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA

We stayed across the Charles River for two nights in Cambridge. An eclectic, arty, young feel, I’ve always loved Cambridge. We discovered Russell House in Harvard Square. We never expected to stumble upon food so flavorful and perfectly cooked.

Arctic Char, a fairly neutral tasting fish, begs for seasoning. Mine had all that love plus the elusive crispy skin. It’s rare that I’m able to eat all of the skin on my fish. But this was cooked to perfection. So much so, that I wanted to march in the kitchen and shower the chef with accolades. I was that moved.

My husband’s grass fed burger with caramelized onions and cheddar provided a tasty treat, too. But my arctic char on top of parsnips, peas, and a root vegetable puree…all I can say is, if you go there, get the char!


111 Salem St., North End, Boston, MA

Yes, I ended up in the North End again. Across the street from Terramia actually.

This time for REAL brick oven gluten-free pizza. How could I resist? Benevento’s offers gluten-free pasta in all its pasta dishes, too. If I’d had more time, I would’ve returned yet again, to try them.

We ordered the pesto, chicken, caramelized onion, and pecornino pizza. OMG. The crust is like a thin flatbread crust. It was so good, my hubby happily split it with me. But it was so good, we had to order a second one to go. 🙂

Let’s also celebrate the killer fig, proscuitto, grilled chicken, walnut and goat cheese salad with a walnut vinaigrette that my husband and I pummeled. I don’t think we spoke two words as we ate this. It was so freaking off the charts amazing, all I knew was that I wanted more in my mouth. And that I would have to recreate it at home.

Beacon Hill Chocolates

91 Charles St., Boston, MA

I ate these before I could take a picture for you. Oops. 🙂 Just go to the website and you won’t be able to resist either!

Those who know me, know I love chocolate. In fact, I can’t go more than a couple days without a piece of high quality, delicious dark chocolate.

We stumbled upon Beacon Hill Chocolates walking through Beacon Hill one afternoon. What a find! So many different flavor combinations of hand crafted chocolates. Literally, a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t decide.

I think the original dark chocolate truffle, dark chocolate caramel, and port wine truffles topped my charts. But trust me, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. If you love chocolate, be sure to stop by this chocolate shop when you’re in town. It’s just a few blocks off the Garden. A great way to walk off those calories!

Thank you to all of these places for some of the best food in Boston!

You might think from my descriptions that I gained 5 lbs in a weekend. But actually, I didn’t. I ate my usual portion size, got my fruit and veggies daily, and walked, walked, walked everywhere – all day. I came home feeling great!

There is room for treats in healthy you can live! What are your favorite places for the best food in Boston? Please share them with me!

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