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I couldn’t let this month go by without dedicating a post to breast cancer awareness month. With 1 in 8 women receiving this diagnosis, most of us likely know someone experiencing this illness first hand. I’ve watched my Mom fight it twice, and more brave friends and family than I could ever count…(Read More)

Yum, it’s tomato season! I’m putting them in everything, which is what inspired this crazy delicious California Quinoa. Fast, easy, and flavorful with fresh herbs and avocado, be sure to use a zippy, high quality red wine vinegar for your marinade. Let’s talk more about that… Is All Red Wine Vinegar the…(Read More)

Foods to Heal Leaky Gut


In his book, “Eat Dirt”, Dr. Axe outlines a recommended diet for each gut type. It’s ideal to follow it as closely as you can in terms of what veggies to avoid and what to eat freely. Yes, some gut types should avoid even some veggies! But just like figuring out what supplements to…(Read More)

In my post, How I’m Healing My Leaky Gut, I gave you my recommendations to help you identify if you have Leaky Gut, and how to begin healing it. If you’ve done that, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about how to proceed. Outlined in this post are the supplements I…(Read More)

Do you suffer from chronic or even occasional digestive discomfort? Bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea? Do certain foods aggravate these symptoms more than others? What about joint pain, weight gain, skin rashes, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalance, headaches, or depression? Do you rely on medicine to ease the symptoms of these imbalances? What if you didn…(Read More)

Is Gluten-Free Healthier?


Some background: what does gluten-free mean? Before I go into my thoughts on the healthfulness of going gluten-free, I wanted to make sure everyone knew what gluten-free meant. The Food and Drug Administration proposed the term gluten-free to aid in food labeling to help those who have celiac disease and those…(Read More)

7 Veggie Time Savers


Veggie Time Savers to Live By People always ask me, how do you get all those veggies in? They take so long to wash, prep, and cook. Who’s got that kind of time? I certainly don’t. Here are some good veggie time savers to have up your sleeve! 1. Pre-cut, Pre-washed…(Read More)

My Fabulous Food Finds in Boston I traveled to Boston last week for a couple of conferences. My husband joined me and we spent a fabulous, tasty, fun-in-the-sun weekend together. Two and a half days of adventures and food finds that I never expected. I love surprises like that! Here are the…(Read More)

One Healthy Meal Just Got Easier! When I was at Whole Foods I came across Stahlbush Island Farms Organic Fully Cooked Brown Rice and Black Beans in the freezer section. Hmmm…must try. On top of being organic, Stahlbush Island Farms practice sustainable farming and use 100% biodegradable packaging. It gets better. All I have…(Read More)