The Low Glycemic Sweetener that Works like Sugar


Say hello to Coconut Palm Sugar, GI of 35

A natural sweetener that has a similar sweetness level to cane sugar, you can use it in baking in a 1:1 ratio for regular sugar or brown sugar. With its slightly caramel flavor, it substitutes great in crumble toppings, cakes, muffins, pies, crisps, cookies – I’ve used it in just about everything!

A tip: palm sugar is more course than white or brown sugar, so for some recipes where I want it to be more fine, I run it through the food processor before adding it to the other ingredients.

What is Coconut Palm Sugar?

  • A natural sweetener made from the sap of the coconut tree.
  • Its nutrient-rich, diabetic-friendly, low glycemic (GI of 35), “sap” from the coconut blossoms.
  • This sap contains 17 amino acids, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral pH.
  • The sap is low vacuum evaporated at low temperatures to form crystals to create Coconut Palm Sugar.

Buyer Beware

1. Buy a Brand that is NOT Highly Processed

You want to buy a brand of Coconut Palm Sugar that is not highly processed. Pick one that ensures its sap is low temperature vacuum evaporated only to remove excess moisture and allow for crystallization (similar to how maple crystals are processed). By contrast, most brown sugar is boiled at temperatures up to 221 degrees F.

2. Buy an Established Brand

Choose a brand whose been making Coconut Palm Sugar and didn’t just jump on the bandwagon to cash in on the craze. “We’ve made dog food for years. Now we’re selling quality Coconut Palm Sugar at half the price.” Right.

Go for the established brand who guarantees low temperature processing.

Brands I Like

I tend to go organic with quality reassurances. A little more expensive, but worth it to me. You can try less expensive, non-organic brands. If you’re diabetic or rely on a true low glycemic guarantee, I wouldn’t skimp.

Navitas Palm Sugar
Coconut Secret Coconut Crystals
Big Tree Farms SweetTree Organic Coconut Palm Sugar 

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