Cook with Me: 5-Minute Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse


Easy, Healthy, Dairy-free  Chocolate Mousse

Not only possible, totally do-able – in just 5 minutes. Watch this short video and learn how to make dairy-free chocolate mousse in minutes. An easy, delicious, healthier dessert option. Check out my 5-Minute Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse Recipe.

4 Responses to "Cook with Me: 5-Minute Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse"
  1. Correction! This mousse took 3 minutes. Looks awesome & I can’t wait to try the recipe! Are those KitchenAid appliances by the way? I need a good food processor…

    • Mb,
      Most of my appliances are KitchenAid, but Cuisinart makes a great food processor, too! I have a Clutch Kitchen Tools Video I’m about to post on Food Processors, so stay tuned!

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