5 Tips to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight


How to Take Off that Winter Weight

There are a number of foods and strategies that support weight loss. These have shown to boost metabolism more than your average healthy food.

I keep these strategies close by, myself. Why? Because it’s a struggle to take off the 5 lbs I put on every February! 🙁

Tip 1: Spices Generate Heat, Which Boosts Metabolism

When you use spices in cooking, like:

You generate heat in the body, which helps burn calories. Ginger tea makes a great appetite suppressant and metabolism boost. Two-for!

Tip 2: Drink Green Tea to Burn More Calories

Green tea has an antioxidant polyphenol, called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This magic compound stimulates the body to burn calories. You can drink a few cups of quality green tea daily.

Tip 3: Don’t Under Eat

Eat the right foods. When you under eat, you decrease your metabolism. Your body thinks you’re starving, so it starts to reserve calories. Then when you try to lose weight, you can’t because your body’s metabolism is so slow. You haven’t saved calories, you’ve sabotaged your efforts. All that starving for nothing!

Tip 4: Eat Foods High in Fiber

We know that unrefined, low-glycemic carbohydrates support weight loss, but which ones boost metabolism and actually promote it?

Tip 5: Eat Foods with the Right Fats

Yes, there are many healthy fats you can eat, but the one that has shown in research to have actually helped people lose weight is:

  • Fatty fish high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring)
Bonus Tip: EXERCISE. Get your heart rate up 30 minutes a day.

There’s no way around it. Our bodies need a balanced diet and exercise to maintain a healthy metabolism. But even with those two things, some of us struggle more than others to keep weight off. These tips can support all of your hard work. I know I rely on them!

Best of all, these are all foods you can easily find and prepare. Try my recipes above – you won’t even have to think about it!

Give them a try and let me know if they work for you!

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