A Quick, Healthy Breakfast in Minutes


What’s high in protein, a good source of fat, and makes a healthy breakfast easy?

Kefir (or Keifer). Never heard of it? It’s basically a fermented milk – cow, goat, sheep, even coconut (although technically a cultured milk when it’s not from an animal) – into a thin yogurt that has high amounts of probiotics. So, it’s great for your digestive tract and your immune system. Read more about kefir.

Kefir or cultured milk is like yogurt, except:

  • Kefir has more of a smoothie consistency that you drink
  • You can get varieties of kefir without the added sugar yogurt has
  • Kefir contains more of those awesome probiotics (good bacteria that aid your digestive tract) than yogurt – and they aren’t counteracted by added sugar!

What Kind of Kefir Should You Buy?

  1. Drink kefir in whatever form of milk you drink – cow, goat, or sheep. If you don’t drink dairy, try coconut cultured milk.
  2. Buy the plain. When you see sugars listed on the plain, they refer to milk sugars, which naturally occur in complex carbohydrates and are OK to ingest. Flavored kefirs contain added sugar, which you want to avoid. On the list of ingredients you’ll see sugar, cane juice, cane sugar – something like that.
  3. Plain kefir tastes like sour cream to me. To sweeten it, I add some all fruit smoothie (Naked or Odwalla) to it. If you have time you can puree your own fruit, but when I’m on the go, I just pour some Naked or Odwalla fruit smoothie into my 8 ounces of Coconut Cultured Milk (use whatever kefir you like), stir and drink. Wa-la. My high-protein, good fat-source, healthy breakfast is served in less than a minute!

A great healthy breakfast or snack for kids, too.

If the kefir is too sour for them, just add more of the all-fruit smoothie. They won’t even notice the kefir. Over time, use less fruit smoothie, and more kefir. It’s amazing, but our over-sugared American palettes will assimilate to the less sweet flavor. If you want to make your own kefir, check out Body Ecology for instructions and a starter kit.

How easy is that for a quick, healthy breakfast? Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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