VIDEO: How to Segment an Orange


How do You Segment an Orange? Like all knife skills, practice, practice, practice.

I never ate oranges as a kid. I hated the white stuff. It tasted bitter. It got stuck in my teeth. It overpowered the sweetness of the orange and ruined the overall eating experience because of the chewy texture. I knew this at 8.

My husband and I saw eye to eye on this. Oranges would be great without the white stuff. I knew it was true love even back then. It’s the little things.

Imagine our delight when I learned to segment an orange, or any citrus fruit for that matter. You remove all the bitter pithe, that chewy membrane and unveil the bright, sweet orange, the best part, the only part we want to eat. It is a little tricky, and like all knife skills, I find it takes practice. Every orange does not come out perfect, and I sometimes have to go back and trim some membrane off. No biggie.

If you practice, you do get better, so I segment oranges all the time. The juice makes the base for a flavorful citrus vinaigrette, which I love on spinach salad. I promise, once you start segmenting your oranges, you’ll never go back!

Learn How to Segment an Orange in Minutes

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