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Happy Halloween! Here’s a treat for you to enjoy totally guilt-free. This Dark Chocolate Ginger Spice Bark is one of the fastest desserts or snacks you can whip out. I went with ginger spice to honor the flavors of the season. Plus, I love ginger spice with dark chocolate. If it’s not…(Read More)

I think it’s no secret at this point that I love dark chocolate. It’s my biggest vice. I don’t hide it. One of the great things about dark chocolate is that a little goes a long way. You don’t need a huge serving to satisfy. When I create chocolate recipes I…(Read More)

Halloween is peeking around the corner. How many sugar highs (and lows) are in your future? Do you really know what’s in that candy you can’t stop eating? What if you could help yourself, and those you care about, make¬†better choices? How do you know what’s a Halloween trick or treat…(Read More)

Don’t Go Blaming Cupcakes Is the cupcake rage over? Has our dwindled attention span jumped the cupcake ship and climbed aboard the next best small hip dessert? If so, what is it? Clue me in. These are some of the deep philosophical food questions Recipe Redux posed to us for our April challenge. Food…(Read More)

Dairy-Free Truffles: an Easy, Yummy Treat I love chocolate. Maximum extreme love. Truffles fit into that category. To control the dairy and type of chocolate in my truffle? Total bonus. Easy to make? Score! How to Make Vegan, Dairy-Free Truffles 3 Easy Steps to Dairy-Free Truffles   Print Author: Angela Marinelli Ingredients…(Read More)

Have Your Cocoa and Drink it Too Yum doesn’t mean bad fat and sugar. It means flavor. In a meal or a drink. Two rules for this healthy hot cocoa recipe: You must be a chocolate lover You must use high-quality, dark, unsweetened cocoa I get mine from King Arthur Flour, Double Dutch…(Read More)

Easy, Healthy, Dairy-free ¬†Chocolate Mousse Not only possible, totally do-able – in just 5 minutes. Watch this short video and learn how to make dairy-free chocolate mousse in minutes. An easy, delicious, healthier dessert option. Check out my 5-Minute Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse Recipe…(Read More)

Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse? In 5 Minutes? Easy. Delicious. Guilt-free. This 5-minute dairy-free chocolate mousse recipe is vegan, delicious, easy to make, and a healthier dessert option than most recipes. This recipe greatly reduces the fat per serving because it eliminates the eggs and heavy cream found in most mousse recipes. Many…(Read More)