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A Quick, Healthy Breakfast or Satisfying Snack I’ve seen the idea of banana pops before, but I started thinking about how I could make them even yummier without adding trouble, time, or bad stuff. I like variations, so I came up with 3 I think you’ll like. Plus, at under 100 calories a…(Read More)

A High Fiber, No Bake Summer Meal This recipe was inspired by Recipe Redux’s July Challenge: a no bake healthy meal. I got to thinking about how much I love avocados and how much I don’t love hummus. But a twist on hummus with avocado…that sounded like a good idea to me…(Read More)

I Reached to My Roots for This One! When Recipe ReDux shared the United States Potato Board Healthy Summer Potato Salad Challenge with us this month, I knew I would reach to my Italian roots. My grandmother always made “Italian Potato Salad,” and now my Dad does, too. We Italians like our pancetta in potato…(Read More)

What makes this salad recipe different? I get tired of salads. I always try to spruce mine up. My salad recipe MUST be full of flavor and satisfying. I don’t want to be hungry in two hours and be tempted with chocolate. (truth be told, I’m always tempted by chocolate!) Keep your salad…(Read More)

2 Minutes to a Healthy Breakfast Smoothies can make a great high protein, high fiber breakfast. Why? Berries for fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants Silken tofu for a complete protein Flax seed for Omega 3s and more fiber No sugar added juice as a natural sweetener Quick High Protein Smoothie Recipe   Print Author: Angela Marinelli…(Read More)

Vegan Basil Mayo   Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   This tasty low-fat healthy spread only takes 5 minutes to make. I use it as a simple, go-to dressing for a variety of proteins, grains, and veggies. You can’t beat it! Author: Angela Marinelli, M.S., M.Ed…(Read More)

Basil Pesto Recipe


If Basil isn’t in season, or if you prefer a more subtle basil flavor, you can make pesto with half spinach and half basil. I sometimes take this route out of necessity during the months I struggle to find enough of the herb to make a full batch. Use High Quality Extra Virgin Olive…(Read More)

 A Great Summer Cod Salad Recipe This salad is easy to make, super healthy and fast. Great for you at home or if you’re having company. It relies on the great taste of veggies with fresh cod and herbs to bring it all together. Try it, you won’t be disappointed! Light Summer Cod…(Read More)

PB&J Oatmeal Recipe


Need an Easy, Oatmeal Recipe with Flavor? Look no further. Who doesn’t love PB & J? I’ve created a healthy, oatmeal recipe that applies the yumminess and healthfulness of pb & j to breakfast. Awesome! Cook or No-Cook PB&J Oatmeal Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Refined Sugar…(Read More)

Need a Healthy Side or Snack? This easy and delicious snack makes the best guacamole recipe. It goes great with my 5 Minutes to Mexico Recipe and my Easy Pulled Pork, Rice and Beans! Full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and good fat, it makes a great healthy snack, too. Healthy eating made doable and delicious…(Read More)