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My gluten-free, grain-free, vegan snack that satisfies every craving (well, almost)… This month Recipe Redux asked us to share one of our favorite healthy snack recipes. Some days I feel like I live on snacks. I don’t eat large meals and I don’t always “sit down” for a formal meal. Snacks…(Read More)

A Quick, Healthy Breakfast or Satisfying Snack I’ve seen the idea of banana pops before, but I started thinking about how I could make them even yummier without adding trouble, time, or bad stuff. I like variations, so I came up with 3 I think you’ll like. Plus, at under 100 calories a…(Read More)

A Healthy Snack with a Kick Here’s a snack that can deter sugar cravings, satisfy salt cravings, or suppress your appetite in a healthy way. It uses spice, good fats, complex carbohydrates, and some protein to do the job – just what you want in a snack! Spiced Roasted Chic Peas   Print Prep time…(Read More)

How Do You Deter Sugar Cravings? Ahhh, sugar. We all want it. You’re a big fat liar if you say you don’t – even super fit people. We all crave it at some point. So what’s the best way to deal with sugar cravings? They often occur due to a deficiency. It takes…(Read More)

You Don’t Need to Add Sugar to Applesauce Why? Because sugar is a way to cover up lack of flavor. When food is tasty, natural sweetness sings. Chuck your sugar out the window – it’s not needed here. My nephew houses this applesauce. He will eat 3-4 servings. As will my husband, brother…(Read More)

 A High Protein Breakfast or Snack in Minutes You can toss these ingredients in a food processor and have a complete meal or snack in no time. Easy. Fast. Yummy. Top with a high fiber granola, nuts, flax seed, and more fruit if you want. Can’t beat it. Quick High Protein Yogurt   Print…(Read More)

Ugh…How to Deflect Cravings It’s 3:30 pm – or worse 10:30 pm. Here come the hunger pangs…ugh. You want chips or Doritos, maybe the soda pick-me-up. Or are you more the king size candy bar type? We all have our cravings and weaknesses – you aren’t alone. The questions…(Read More)

Need a Healthy Side or Snack? This easy and delicious snack makes the best guacamole recipe. It goes great with my 5 Minutes to Mexico Recipe and my Easy Pulled Pork, Rice and Beans! Full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and good fat, it makes a great healthy snack, too. Healthy eating made doable and delicious…(Read More)