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Sometimes the most daunting part of cooking is the prep. The cooking part of the recipe looks straightforward, but the prep, my God, the prep! Chop onion to a small dice Finely dice garlic Mince fresh herbs Wait…dice other veggies, like carrots and peppers? How do you get them all the same size? What…(Read More)

Do you wanna eat dirt and bugs or veggies? No judgment if you prefer the dirt and bugs. Cool with me. I think most of us prefer the veggies. 🙂 When I see the aphids on my broccoli I don’t totally freak anymore. I figure, added protein if one sneaks by me. Can’t get…(Read More)

How do You Segment an Orange? Like all knife skills, practice, practice, practice. I never ate oranges as a kid. I hated the white stuff. It tasted bitter. It got stuck in my teeth. It overpowered the sweetness of the orange and ruined the overall eating experience because of the chewy texture. I knew this…(Read More)