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Any protein can be the belle of the ball in the right dressing. The leaner proteins, like chicken, turkey, or bison, need a little more love and attention. They don’t have fat to give them instant flavor. They need seasoning, and they have to be cooked to perfection. Under-seasoning your food would be…(Read More)

My gluten-free, grain-free, vegan snack that satisfies every craving (well, almost)… This month Recipe Redux asked us to share one of our favorite healthy snack recipes. Some days I feel like I live on snacks. I don’t eat large meals and I don’t always “sit down” for a formal meal. Snacks…(Read More)

Don’t Go Blaming Cupcakes Is the cupcake rage over? Has our dwindled attention span jumped the cupcake ship and climbed aboard the next best small hip dessert? If so, what is it? Clue me in. These are some of the deep philosophical food questions Recipe Redux posed to us for our April challenge. Food…(Read More)

Looking for a low glycemic powdered sugar recipe? Tired of good old 10x confectioner sugar? We can’t seem to get away from sugary sweet frostings that coat everything. Powdered sugar rules the American buttercream. The Swiss or Italian buttercream makes a great option if you eat eggs. But what if you are vegan or…(Read More)

How to Make Vegan Frosting Low Glycemic People ask me all the time how to make vegan frosting. Once I tell them, the next question out of their mouths is how to make it low glycemic. That answer is a little more complicated. This cinnamon frosting pairs with my Vegan Chocolate Spice Cupcake (which I…(Read More)

We all love the classics. I loved Snap, Crackle, and Pop as a kid, especially the marshmallow krispie treats that always seemed to show up in school. What a great day that was! But I can’t eat those now, so I came up with a version that wouldn’t make me feel so sick…(Read More)

Vegan Frozen Yogurt Can Pack a Punch When you give up bad fats and refined sugar, how do you create flavor? Herbs, herbs, herbs. Let’s say it again: herbs. Bold, bright, delicious, they have a ton to say. Not just in savory food. They make a great showing in desserts, too. This month’s…(Read More)

How to Make Guilt Free Healthy Sugar Cookies (featuring one of my favorite kitchen gadgets) Recipe Redux asked us to feature a recipe this month that highlights one of our favorite kitchen gadgets, perhaps to inspire a great gift or a list item of your own. I would be lost without this handy gadget and…(Read More)

An Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe without the Guilt! I love transforming high fat dessert favorites into guilt-free indulgences that we all can enjoy. The most interesting part about this, is that 95% of the people who eat them, can’t tell the difference between the high fat version from the healthier one. That’s…(Read More)