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The Jedi Breakfast. Combine in a Jar. Wait. Eat. A high fiber, high protein, fat burning breakfast that cooks itself? A, total Jedi move in my book, and a breakfast I keep on hand. This recipe is so Jedi, you don’t even have to wait overnight. Four hours is about all it takes. They…(Read More)

Fireworks. Check. Margaritas. Check. Smokey Pepita Burger. Check! Is 4th of July Complete Without a Burger? Probably not. But it doesn’t have to be loaded with bad fats, empty carbs, and wreck your holiday. Have that celebratory drink. Enjoy that burger. Healthy alternatives can taste just as awesome – even better in my book. Why…(Read More)

Is there really kale in my peanut butter kale smoothie? You bet sweet 6 lb, 8 oz Baby Jesus there is. Although you might doubt it when you take the first sip, there is a whole cup of kale in this Peanut Butter Banana Kale Smoothie. “It’s in there.” With the X-Men Toad…(Read More)

Mushroom Herb Quinoa Bites Give Brunch a Reason to Live What makes Brunch Brunch? Recipe Redux challenged us with a healthy brunch dish for May. Seems fitting, with all the showers, parties, and events that May inspires, who can’t use some help there? I got to thinking, what makes brunch brunch… Where breakfast and…(Read More)

Boo Hoo Hoo Italian Quinoa and Turkey Meatballs Send Pasta Home Crying I’m Italian. I love pasta, especially homemade. Reality check, it’s not the healthiest of foods. Whole grains kick its butt. Sorry pasta. You lose. No sense crying about it. “Move on,” as anyone in my family would tell you. Gram liked…(Read More)

Looking for a low glycemic powdered sugar recipe? Tired of good old 10x confectioner sugar? We can’t seem to get away from sugary sweet frostings that coat everything. Powdered sugar rules the American buttercream. The Swiss or Italian buttercream makes a great option if you eat eggs. But what if you are vegan or…(Read More)

What’s cashew cream? It’s an awesome vegan, dairy-free replacement for heavy cream in numerous recipes. From pastry creams, ice cream, soups to purees, cashew cream creates the lucious, creamy texture heavy cream gives. Except it’s dairy-free. It’s made with good fats. It’s guilt-free. And it’s super…(Read More)

We all love the classics. I loved Snap, Crackle, and Pop as a kid, especially the marshmallow krispie treats that always seemed to show up in school. What a great day that was! But I can’t eat those now, so I came up with a version that wouldn’t make me feel so sick…(Read More)

Your Body Will Love this Berry Kale Smoothie How do you get the energy you need? How do you get someone to eat kale (one of the most nutrient packed veggies out there) who thinks it tastes nasty? How do you jump start your day with fiber, antioxidants, and protein? You knock back this kick…(Read More)

Spinach Almond Pesto Recipe


Pesto: one of my total fave sauces. You can make it with anything really. Any green, any veggie, combined with any nut, olive oil, and acid. Don’t forget the salt and heat component. Cheese is optional in my book, just make sure you have something that represents the flavor. I put this pesto on…(Read More)