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Mushroom Herb Quinoa Bites Give Brunch a Reason to Live What makes Brunch Brunch? Recipe Redux challenged us with a healthy brunch dish for May. Seems fitting, with all the showers, parties, and events that May inspires, who can’t use some help there? I got to thinking, what makes brunch brunch… Where breakfast and…(Read More)

Don’t Go Blaming Cupcakes Is the cupcake rage over? Has our dwindled attention span jumped the cupcake ship and climbed aboard the next best small hip dessert? If so, what is it? Clue me in. These are some of the deep philosophical food questions Recipe Redux posed to us for our April challenge. Food…(Read More)

Vegan Frozen Yogurt Can Pack a Punch When you give up bad fats and refined sugar, how do you create flavor? Herbs, herbs, herbs. Let’s say it again: herbs. Bold, bright, delicious, they have a ton to say. Not just in savory food. They make a great showing in desserts, too. This month’s…(Read More)

How to Make Healthy Homemade Pasta When Recipe Redux made this month an oscar challenge I immediately knew what I wanted to make. They asked us to take a dish from a film we saw and create a healthier, but equally tasty version. I fell in love with Silver Linings Playbook Not just because of…(Read More)

How to Make Guilt Free Healthy Sugar Cookies (featuring one of my favorite kitchen gadgets) Recipe Redux asked us to feature a recipe this month that highlights one of our favorite kitchen gadgets, perhaps to inspire a great gift or a list item of your own. I would be lost without this handy gadget and…(Read More)

Italian String Beans


A Favorite Old World Recipe (one of many!) Recipe Redux has asked us for our favorite family vintage side dish this month. Well, my family’s Italian string beans are the bomb. In fact, in wouldn’t be Thanksgiving or Christmas without them. They are so sensational, the Marinelli table gives them their own course…(Read More)

What is a cultured veggie recipe? Why eat them? It’s easy to create imbalance in your digestive tract Back in the 1990′s when I gained and lost 100 lbs, a slew of health issues accompanied that experience. It wasn’t just about the weight. If you’re interested in the details of that…(Read More)

For this month’s Recipe Redux Challenge we were asked to recreate a favorite meal we had on vacation into a healthier version. If you read my blog post The Best Food I Ate in Boston, you may recall the brick oven pizza in the North End I raved about. Gluten-free, pesto, and topped…(Read More)

A High Fiber, No Bake Summer Meal This recipe was inspired by Recipe Redux’s July Challenge: a no bake healthy meal. I got to thinking about how much I love avocados and how much I don’t love hummus. But a twist on hummus with avocado…that sounded like a good idea to me…(Read More)

I Reached to My Roots for This One! When Recipe ReDux shared the United States Potato Board Healthy Summer Potato Salad Challenge with us this month, I knew I would reach to my Italian roots. My grandmother always made “Italian Potato Salad,” and now my Dad does, too. We Italians like our pancetta in potato…(Read More)